HCVI_Belmont Medical

"buddy lite" 

Portable Blood and IV Fluid Warmer

The Belmont® buddy lite™ in-line Blood/Fluid warmer is a miniature portable fluid warmer and sensing device that warms intra-venous fluids (including blood products) to physiological temperature at flow rates up to 80 ml/min (4.8 L/hr) for crystalloids at 20°C and up to 50 ml/min (3.0 L/hr) for packed red cells at 10°C.

This compact, lightweight, battery-powered IV fluid warmer can warm up to 4.4 liters of fluid on a single charge. * Total weight, including heater, battery, and disposable is less than 1.6 lbs. (0.73 kg). 

The PURPOSE of this Google Site is to standardize and centralize training materials and references related to the use of the Belmont® buddy lite™.  All information necessary for proper use of the  Belmont® buddy lite™ may be found on this site, and it may serve as a ready reference for review at any time for health care providers intending to use the  Belmont® buddy lite™.